Sealing is the most underestimated topic in the field of component design. We can help you with solutions tailored to your needs. The general rule for seals and all components is to choose a material that can withstand the requirements.
But we also support you in other issues: be it in carrying out filling studies or the constructive design of components.

You can rely on our experience as early as the planning phase.


Our tools are designed for the desired lifetime. If a mould crash occurs due to incorrect operation or similar, we help immediately and quickly. On request, we will pick up the mould and start repairing the defective components right away. This ensures high availability and a short interruption of the production.

Our experienced technicians will help you keep your downtime to a minimum.


We have been certified according to ISO 9001 since 1997. Component testing is therefore a top priority for us. We use modern technology to monitor and optimise our products and production processes, this is the only way we can meet your and our own requirements for consistently high quality.

Our quality assurance includes, among other things:

  • Initial sampling and requalification
  • Quality control of incoming and outgoing goods and products
  • Definition of quality standards based on internal specifications, customer requirements and legal standards
  • Carrying out internal audits to check quality standards
  • Measurement with tactile, optical and laser measurement systems
  • Reverse engineering: regression of real shapes and surfaces into CAD

We make no compromises when it comes to quality assurance in our production.


We have been using 3D printing of polymers and metals for 20 years in prototyping, production aids and tools. Optimising the structure with manufacturing in mind significantly reduces material consumption and build time.

Additive manufactured tools used in combination with injection moulding. Tools are built and applied to employ near-contour cooling, structural optimisation and bionic design.

Production times and costs of the plastic parts can be significantly reduced or even almost halved.

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